Zion United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Zion Cemetery Policy



1.      All members of Zion United Methodist Church who pass away, their spouse/ partner and their dependent children under the age of twenty one will be given a free burial plot (one grave) at death. Requests for assignment of burial plots should be done in writing to the trustees.  The trustees should be advised in writing if they do not wish to use the surrounding sites in order for the trustees to keep accurate cemetery records.   This does not include the cost to dig and prepare the grave or any funeral expenses.


2.      Nonmembers who have family ties to Zion United Methodist Church will be charged a nonrefundable Cemetery Perpetual Care fee of $500 to be buried in the cemetery.  Requests for assignment of burial plots should be done in writing to the trustees.  All monies are due at the time a burial plot is assigned.  This does not include the costs to dig and prepare the grave or any funeral expenses.  The trustees reserve the right to accept or reject any requests from nonmembers.


3.      All former pastors and their spouse will be given a free burial plot at death.


4.      All burial plots are non-transferable.  If a reserved burial plot is not used, the plot will revert back to the church.


5.      An appropriate identification marker shall be installed within one year of interment on the assigned plot.  The height of head stones for graves can range from ground level to a maximum height of 40 inches.  All foot stones will be ground level.


6.      No live plants, bushes or bulbs may be planted around individual graves in the cemetery.


7.      Only cut flowers and artificial flowers are allowed in the cemetery.  Cut flowers must be removed in 10 days.   Artificial flowers can be placed seasonally in a container provided by the church  or  placed on the gravestone.  The church has the authority to remove all items which do not conform to this policy or become unsightly. 


8.      A vault or urn, in the case of cremation, is required for all interments within the cemetery.  No above ground interments are permitted.


9.      The burial of a cremation vault or urn will be done by either funeral home personnel or a family member.  The cremation vault or urn must be buried with a minimum of twelve inches of soil covering the cremation vault or urn. The burial of two cremation vaults or urns are allowed in one grave site. The cremation vault or urn may be buried in the designated area of the cemetery for cremated remains or at any other grave site selected.


10. Funeral director must contact the Pastor and the chairperson of the trustees prior to making funeral plans at the church and/or cemetery.


11. The trustees shall keep up-to-date records showing all burial plots and their assignments.


12. Zion United Methodist Church has the right to update and revise cemetery policies.  The church will make an effort to keep all individuals with reserved plots advised of any amendments to the cemetery policy. However, it is the responsibility of the individual, who has a reserved plot to keep the church updated with their current mailing address and/or e-mail address. 


13. This policy will be in force only for new burial plot assignments from the date of its acceptance by the Administrative Council.    All previous assignments will remain in force.


Administrative Council approved:  May 17,2014