Zion United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world

United Methodist Women





Minutes from UMW Meeting 1-16-2018

President Headley Barnsley presiding.  Nancy Hicks recorded the notes.  Lisa Hockman lead the meeting.

Meeting opened at 10am promptly.  Thirteen members were in attendance. Christine Braxton opened with a prayer.  Karen Robison read our Purpose aloud for all.  Christine Braxton gave devotions from “Girlfriends In God” website titled ”Keeping Focus.“  Our prayer calendar was shared by Dianne Williams.  Today our concern was upon Ardell Graner of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

We received report from Quilters by Jeanne Hagerman; ten quilts and ten stockings were given to Christmas for Others.  Five “fidget blankets ”were made and presented to clients at Cardinal Village.  Seven beautiful quilted centerpieces were given as Christmas gifts for Zion members. Twenty-five stockings were prepared as gifts for our RACSB party guests.  Twenty-four quilts were given to the Linus Project.  The Living Nativity outfits were refurbished or newly created. They have done marvelous works, well done Quilters.  Many thanks from all.

This Saturday, January 20,2018, our district UMW will meet for officer training.  President Headley Barnsley and Treasurer Joyce Messer are planning to attend in Stafford county.  Carolyn Messer attended the meeting to our great pleasure.  She gave a prayer of thanksgiving and we will continue to keep her lifted up in our prayers. We had discussion about RACSB party; agreeing we want to continue party and serve more clients and staff.  Nancy Hicks will talk with case manager there and let ZUMW know how we may improve their Christmas.

Treasurer Joyce Messer gave report. The account for ZUMW will be closed before a new one new is opened.  The current balance is currently $940.64

We created our calendar for 2018.  Planning programs and events for the upcoming year also filling in leaders and secretaries for the monthly meetings.  Calendars will be printed and given out by Vivian Richardson.  Many thanks to her.

Discussion held concerning ways to make money for ZUMW needs.  Christine Braxton made motion for 208 Trail Sale to participate both Friday and Saturday.  Lisa Hockman seconded and motion was carried.  Others ideas were considered and we will continue to discuss these at next meeting.

We enjoyed a Potluck Brunch; many yummy dishes were enjoyed by all.  Next meeting will be on February 20, 2018 at 10 am.

Notes recorded and respectfully submitted by Nancy Hicks