Zion United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world

Fred Camp

WOO-HOO!! Not that you need an invitation, BUT...please do consider this YOUR invitation to help with FredCamp any July.
FredCamp is a week-long local ministry where young people are supervised as they undertake building projects for area families and individuals in need.  Everyone can participate!  Here, you can read about the many ways FredCamp needs YOU! 
For those who may not be able to help in other ways, we suggest cash donations.  While we are very careful with budgeting and spending of the funds from our camper fees, we have some extra challenging home sites which present us with greater materials costs than we might have foreseen in the vetting process.  Still, God has always provided exactly what we need through the years, as His light shined through the generous hearts of our special donor angels.  
Quick and direct cash payments can be made via PayPal!  You may either use the 'send money' or 'make payment' features of your own PayPal account or by credit card if you don't have an individual PayPal account.  It's fast, easy and convenient; a PayPal receipt will be e-mailed to you, and we will follow up with our letter of confirmation.  You may also help us earn money by using GoodSearch and GoodShop for your internet search and shopping needs.  Be sure to enter FredCamp as the charity for which you are searching or shopping; we will receive a percentage of your shopping purchases and a penny for every search you conduct.  It adds up quickly!  And, of course, you can always mail us a check the old-fashioned way.  Please go to our website "How You Can Help" page and scan down the page to "Donations" to link to any of these options:

Some of you may ask, "Can my child or grandchild help with me?"  We are glad to have your helpers serving in ride-along or tag-along status with parents/grandparents; in fact, we make a pretty big deal of it--we'll even have special name tags just for our youngest helpers.  However, there are a couple of important things we advise parents/grandparents.  First, our insurance policies do not permit young riders in vehicles with anyone other than the parent/grandparent who is legally responsible for the child.  Second, the ride-along helpers must stay with you at all times and may not do any work on the site.  
If you can help with a lunch or in preparing the Zion famous supper, PLEASE let us know.  Dianne Williams is our current contact and coordinator for Zion's part in this ministry.