Zion United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Stepping out in faith to be Christ to others in the world

Zion Library

The Zion Library is now offering Christian growth CD's! The CD's are especially good for use in your car, but can be used anywhere.
The CD's are from Christian Bible teacher Joyce Meyer. See below for titles and content. The CD's may be checked out just as the books. There is a card on the back of each CD that you will sign your name and date to and put in the basket on top of the bookcase. When you return the CD take the card out of the basket and return it to the jacket on the back of the CD and place in the box of CD's.
A REMINDER: PLEASE return all library materials when finished. A 2 to 3 week checkout period should be sufficient. If your are not finished in that period of time PLEASE consider whether there is enough interest in the book to keep it. There are several books that have been checked out for a long period of time. If the book is lost please let me know so I can replace it.
133.9 "Heaven Is For Real" by Todd Burpo. There are two copies of this incredible story of 3 year old Colton Burpo and the emergency appendectomy he underwent to save his life. What his family wasn't expecting was the story that emerged in the months following - a story as beautiful as it was extrodinary, detailing their little boys trip to heaven and back.
204.JOH "Power Prayers for Women", by Jackie M. Johnson. Would you like a fresh perspective on prayer? Ready to revitalize your prayer life? This book gives solid Biblical reasons to pray - and specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of life including: emotions; home; fears; work; finances; church; nation, and much more.
For Children:
E WAL "The Legend of the Easter Egg" by Lori Walburg. Young Thomas learns the deeper meaning behind Easter eggs and the Easter story itself. Featuring the beloved setting and characters from the best-selling "Legend of the Candy Cane", this moving story takes us and our children deeper into the mystery of Christianity.
The CD's listed below are located in a box on one of the library bookcases:
*  "21 Days: Your Journey to Enjoying Everyday Life". There are 2 cd's in this case and 2 are missing.
*  "Be Imitators of God"
*  "The Believers Authority"
*  "Bold, Confident & Fearless: Becoming More Than A Conquerer in Christ" This set inclides 4 cd's including "More Than Conquerers", "Doubt Hinders Boldness", "Living With Confidence", and "Running Your Race to Win".
*  "Characteristics of Humility".
*  "Developing a Generous Spirit".
*  "Getting Your Day Started Right".
*  "The Forgiveness Test".
*  "Heart Test"
*  "I CAN!: Through Christ Who Strengthens Me." This is a 4 cd set including "The Courage to Change", "You've Got What it Takes", "Determination", and "Set Your Mind and Keep It Set".
*  It's Time for an Attitude Adjustment".
*  "The Lord Our Provider".
*  "Others".
Take the time to investigate the Zion Library! You will be glad you did!